Au revoir Dallas, Hello…Milwaukee?

Well we’re FINALLY in England, after quite an eventful day of traveling. Because of the tornados/hail/storms in Dallas the night before we left, our flight to Chicago was delayed. We ended up getting on a different flight which was SUPPOSED to leave on time and only an hour later than our originally schedule flight. But of course, there were airport and weather issues in Chicago and we sat on the runway for over an hour after we had already sat at the gate for about 45 minutes.

Because of all of this, we missed our flight to Manchester and the next one was literally 24 hours later. We tried to get on the flight to London, a flight to Poland, a flight to Instanbul…my dad was pretty set on getting to Europe that evening…but we decided not to take these desperate flights and instead rent a car and drive to Milwaukee!! (this way we also got to see the Mavs game….SO EXCITED! Bring it Heat!)

That was a fun overnight trip to see the fam there and we had a much better travel day today.

After arriving in England, Alan went to straght to bed…if you know me (especially Monica) you know that I do not do well with jet-lag so I tried to stay up but eventually fell asleep for a couple hours. But I have plenty of Tylenol PM to help me sleep tonight and hopefull wake up at a reasonable hour tomorrow.
I still have to buy shampoo and towels tomorrow and Tennis Shoes (sneakers for all you PA people) since I forgot them at home and need to be running all summer for field hockey.

I’ve managed to fit all of my belongings into one giant suitcase and my stick bag but I’m sure I’ve overpacked.


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