Week 1

So it’s the end of my first week in Paris and I’m finally settled in. I’ve pretty much unpacked (steph and mons know what that means bahah) and I have groceries for the next couple days. My dad leaves tomorrow so I’m gonna miss my Paris buddy/tour guide 🙂
I had my art history class. I heard from other students that it’s a really difficult course but it’s called “Intro to Art History through Paris Museums” and during class I learned that we literally only meet in the classroom 3 times for exams and every class we meet at a museum! So all of our learning is done onsite….how cool is that?? We go to the Louvre for class 9 times, the Musée D’Orsay a couple times a long with a handful of other museums. After class, Grandad, Dad, and I went on the Canal St. Martin boat tour…it was interesting but kind of long and boring. We ended up getting off the boat pretty far out of Paris near a park and then went to have dinner where I had escargots (yumm). That night, I met some French students living in my residence. They had a little get together where I met some other students from other nationalities and it was such a GREAT opportunity to practice my French! I was pleased with how well I could converse with them. I was also surprised at how good their English and how interested they were in issues in the United States such as racism ( I guess SOS racisme, the french student led group against racism, has a very strong presence here) and the drinking age and the economy; it was refresing to talk to people my age about world issues and to exchange cultural views. The next day was a holiday (le jour d’ascension) in France so we did a lot of errands and had crepes for lunch before we took Grandad back to the train station. Dad and I then took a bus around town to see some of the sights.
Since Thursday was a holiday, Friday is also a holiday…So Dad and I went to the Louvre to buy my Carte Louvre Jeune (for class) and had lunch in that area. We then went to Le Bon Marché. It’s like Neimans with a grocery store and so much more! My fave part was the clothes and the grocery part (La Grande Epicerie de Paris) where I bought a box of Macaroons. There was whole ducks/chickens/rabbits as well as whole fish and a huge cheese and wine section…It would be heaven for any foodie!

For dinner we made reservations (in French) at a restaurant called l’Apres Gout. It was really, really good and a very nice restaurant. My dad had ox cheek and I ordered lamb (un gigot d’agneau) as well as a bottle of Cote de Rhones (not sure about the French spelling of that) which is favorite wine so far.
My dad and I went back to le Bon Marché to buy some groceries. We bought cheeses and breads and drinks and fruits. After that we took a little trip to Parc Astérix which is just outside of Paris!! For all you non-frenchies…Astérix is a really popular comic in France so the park is basically like Disney World but set in Roman times.

I also took a pic on top of Abraracourcix’s shield:

I could be the head of the village, right?

Then the druides came out!!

I had a lot of fun because I was familar with the comic. We also went on a couple rides and saw a dolphin show. We came back to Paris and went to dinner at a Chinese restaurant down the road. I ordered Cantonese Duck, not my best choice. I then had lemon sorbet out of a real lemon, so that was pretty cool. Towards the end of dinner, it started to storm and right now I’m listening to the rain and thunder with my window open…makes me think of TEXAS! and our wonderful thunderstorms!
One thing I’ve noticed in Paris is that time seems to take it’s time but pass by so quickly; any meal takes pretty much a couple hours and the next thing you know, after dinner it’s 11:30 at night!



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