Sick in Paris :(

So while my dad was with me, I started sneezing a lot which we thought was just allergies and being in a new place but the day after he left my nose got really stuffy, my eyes puffy, and my throat really sore. After class I went to the pharmacy and bought Advil cold with some Vicks vaporub (and regular Advil for the future…they sell Advil here in 400 mg pills!) self-medicated and pretty much slept all day. Today I was feeling much better but I'm still having trouble breathing and I’m coughing a lot.

Before I got sick…
Sunday I went to the Musée Carnavalet with my friend Brooke. The museum basically showcases France's history in two town homes. So we saw art and furniture from a longggg time ago.
I was really excited to see this picture of Moliere as César:

If you know me, you know that Moliere is by far one of my most favorite playwrights!

The museum was very diverse in what it showed and the gardens in between the houses were gorgeous! Plus it was free!

After that, Brooke and I went down the street because we saw a huge church from the entrance of the museum. It was Cathedral St. Louis. Since it was Sunday there was some kind of mini-family ceremony going on but I enjoyed watching the people come in to pray and looking at the architecture and stained glass.

When we got to Campusea I finally finished unpacking and organizing my room. I then went to what I think was the 1st arrondissement, but I could be wrong, to have dinner at a Japanese restaurant with my friends Alexis and Jessica. The entire street we went down was full of Japanese restaurants and Thai massouses.

Monday I had my first on-site Art History class. I came in on a different metro line than I did earlier in the weekend so I ended up a little lost but since it’s a giant palace, it’s hard to miss. The Louvre was ovbs crazy busy so it was nice to have my student pass to get in without standing in line. We covered Ancient Egyptian art. My professor was very specific in the pieces we looked at so I feel like I only saw 4 or 5 pieces but I learned so much about them that I wouldn’t have, had my professor not been there. For example, one of the more famous statues in that section is called The Seated Scribe; there’s inlay in the eyes (stones for eyes) which make it seem that he is looking at you as you walk around him, his body is not perfect or idealized and he is seated both of these characteristics are because he was more common than, say, a king, but he does have a statue because a scribe was a valued and honored position in society since he would have been one of the few literate people.

What we covered also included stones with the first writing form and the first sculptures etc…so that was really cool. Plus I was attending class, in the Louvre, in Paris!!

After class, I went out with some friends for lunch at a nearby cafe and then I slept most of the day trying to recuperate. It was cloudy anyways and since it was Monday people weren’t doing too much during the day.

Today in my French class, we had to make up alter-egos with specific personalities and then based on our personalities we had to form a group of 3 or 4 with other alter-egos. She gave us a scenario where we were all on a boat that sank but we made it to a deserted island and survived and made it home. So we had to come up with how that all happened and present it to the class.
It rained almost all day today but I was well equipped with my umbrella (une parapluie) but since it was rainy I came back to my room and rested. I’m hoping that after today I will feel better but regardless, after class at the Louvre tomorrow I plan on having lunch in Les Jardins des Tuilieres which is the palace’s big garden.


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