Les Jardins des Tuileries

Wednesday I was feeling much better (my trusted and reliable Advil is une drogue miracle) and had a great day here in Paris. I went to class in the Louvre, where there is also a starbucks (un café latté avec vanille), and we learned about Ancient Greek art. I saw Nike (Winged Victory) of Samothrace and Venus de Milo. After class I went through the shops in the Louvre (I really want a swatch…yeah I said it, Mons and Katie) and had a very interesting experience in the restroom. First of all, I paid 1 euro to use it and secondly it was very hip and really like it’s own little store. They had different colored toilet paper on the wall and the sold all those colors plus some that said “happy birthday” or had an x-mas theme…I was tempted but I refrained. But it was extremely clean and pleasant. Worth the euro.

After walking around through the Louvre, I went out to Les Jardins des Tuileries. It was a gorgeous day; the sun was out but it wasn’t burning up outside and was quite pleasant. It’s basically a huge park and there are chairs all around the little gardens where you can sit. There’s also 2 fountains where kids can rent mechanical boats to drive around. There are also trampolines and somewhere there are pony rides. It’s also right by la Place de Concorde which is where the Obelisk is located. I ate at a café in front one of the mini-gardens closer to the Louvre where I got to try une panaché which is beer and sprite mixed together and was on my list of things to try while here. It tasted kind of like flat sprite mixed with beer…not the best thing in the world but still good.

After lunch, I went over to a pond to read the play Waiting for Godot by Sam Beckett (originally translated from French) while I watched the ducklings in the pond. I pretty much spent all afternoon there and plan on doing it again. (I also paid .50 euro to use the restroom here…The French don’t have free public restrooms!) Les Jardins des Tuileries is deff one of my fave places so far.

That night I met up with my friends Indra and Dary for dinner near Notre Dame and Rue de Rivoli. I had Beouf Bourgignon and Soupe a l’ognion both of which were good but it both were like luke-warm and the fries were cold…Indra had the same issue with her escargots and steak. We really should’ve sent the food back. Dessert was also not good. Paris-this is your free pass:from now on I expect excellent food, as before today.

Today I had Art History again and we learned about Ancient Rome/the Etruscans. It was our last meeting at the Louvre for a while. Next week we’re meeting at the Cluny museum or La musée des moyens-age which is in the Latin Quarter. After class I went back to the area where I had dinner the night before cause there were so many shops! My main mission was to go find H&M and buy some cute, cheaper clothes. Mission Successful! Probs spent a little too much but I think it’s so worth it. I bought summery clothes but it’s been so cold this week!! (I know there’s a huge heat wave in the States now but it’s actually light sweater weather here) so I’m just waiting for the warm weather to come! There’s no air conditioning anywhere here so I really only want it to be sunny and like 5 degrees warmer…it would be parfait!
Outside of H&M is a gallery and there was somekind of artistic protest (I think…) on the facade of the building:

Tonight was like a reality check because I actually have homework due tomorrow. I was also planning on doing laundry but you need to buy tokens (jetons) from the site manager who had already left by the time I was ready to do laundry. Alas, it will have to wait till tomorow.

I plan on playing field hockey tomorrow so I dont have much time to do anything after class so I want to wake up and explore the Rue Cler area in the 7th near school more before class starts.

Also, I wish I was home just to see the Mavs game…last home game of the season and such a BIG one. Here’s a pic of me with Steph and friends at her bday party in 7th grade(?) We dressed up to get in for free. MFFL!


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