2011 NBA Champions Dallas Mavericks

How good does that title sound???

This season for the Mavs was particularly special for me since it was the first year we had season tickets and I was at every game I could while I was home. I’m so sad I couldn’t be there for the series against the Heat.
This Mavs team has been so different, especially during the playoffs. Any MFFL will admit there has been so much disappointment and many let downs (’06 Finals is a big one) but sweeping the Lakers made up for so much and the way the team played throughout the playoffs made up for EVERYTHING!!

I’m so happy Dirk, Kidd, Jet, Marion, JJ, and the rest of the team got their big moment. (I touched JJ and Shawn Marion…just sayinnn)

And just a further comment on Dirk: He has so much class (like Dallas in general) and is so humble and modest…every other player in the NBA with his talent gets talked about a lot; has contracts with Gatorade, Adidas, etc. And while Miami was picking the top players in the NBA to form some kind of dream team, Dirk stuck with Dallas and it paid off in the end. BOOYAHH

Here are my memories from the year and the playoffs.

“Pull for Dallas because when you ask Nowitzki why he didn’t bolt the way everybody else does, he simply says, ‘Because this is where my heart is.'”



“Only on this day will the last of their doubters finally concede. And for those of you who suffered for years following a franchise that never looked like they would get to the top of the mountain, well, this is your year. Congratulations to you.”


As someone who never got MY SPC Championship Ring I know what it feels like to live with that feeling of disappointment and longing for that moment in time. So while I feel pain and jealousy ANYTIME I watch someone win a championship, I am so happy for the MAVS and, I’m sure the entire franchise agrees, I feel like this Championship belongs to the fans and the city and the team.

Also, GO LUFH!! 2011 PL CHAMPS! Legggoo


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