OK, so I’ve been a bit blog heavy today but this is the last one!

Today, I felt very Parisian because I was dressed very cute-ly and I wore heels to class. I also stopped at the Boulangerie down the street for breakfast and ate while walking to the metro/on the metro. I also listened to my ipod while on the metro. And I bought fresh fruit from one of the numerous vendors on Rue Cler. Also bought Mangue et Citron flavored glass on Rue Cler and ate while I walked back to the metro. Ahh the life of a Parisian. I think today is also the first day I’ve kind of been in a routine and felt at home. I planned on being very domestic i.e. cleaning my apt (kind of done), buying grocercies (check), laundry (nope), and doing homework (nope), so I didn’t really have toursity things planned.

Yesterday was a holiday (it’s called Pentecost but if you research it, it has quite an interesting history in France with the elderlys) so I went on a cultural excursion with AUP to Giverny where Claude Monet spent the last half of his life. It was so beautiful! Besides being a painter, he was a horticulturalist and he spent so much time and money on his gardens. We first went into the Musée des Impressionnismes and saw the Bonnard exposition. It was so nice to have a guide to explain some of his life events and how that influenced his paintings. After the museum we had lunch and then went to the water garden which is of course the site of his famous Lilly Pad paintings. It was truly amazing. I plan on going back with the parentals and when I have my digital SLR because there were so many good shots. It’s not difficult to see why he could paint the same thing over and over again but in a different light. We then went up to his regular garden and into his house. Our chaperone with AUP is an art history prof in NYC and she was like walking around so we asked her a couple of questions and his life, along with other Impressionist painters, is fascinating. Their struggle to gain critical accalim or even just a place to show their work outside of the Salon des Beaux-Arts is interesting. The whole artistic period at that time really interests me.

When we got back to Giverny we had dinner on Rue Cler and then hung out at the residence.

Here are some pics from Giverny.


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