End of week 4- bye Jessica :(

Whaaaaat, I’ve already been here for a month?? It’s going so fast!!
My friends who were in the immersion program left this weekend 😦
But before that…
Thursday after class in the Louvre, I went to the Apple store to pick up a French charger for my iPad. I’ve been using it to read and have gotten through 3 books on the metro. I came back to Campusèa to study for my French midterm the next day. It went well and afterwards I went over to Rue Cler for lunch and a little wander around. I went to the café Rick Steves suggested and saw two other American families with the same book bahah. I ended up walking towards L’Hôtel des Invalides and watching a couple of games of boules on the esplanade. Reminds me of playing Pétanque in 7th grade! I was reading a French newspaper and there was an article about an English artist who paints gum on the sidewalks of London and they mentioned Lehigh University and it turns out he was the resident artist at Lehigh a while back! It was so weird to see Lehigh mentioned in the paper! I would’ve stayed to watch which of the old men would win the game but there were bugs everywhere so I went back home to get ready for our night out!
It was Jessica’s last night so we planned on going to Le Relais de L’Entrecôte, a really, really good steak place where they only serve steak and fries! That was in the Latin Quarter and we were going to meet up with some friends for drinks afterwards. We decided to go back to The Frog and Princess on Rue Princesse which was only a 5 minute walk away. We hung out there for quite a while and met a few interesting characters…
some of the group!
In front of the St. Michel fountain which is where student’s revolted at one point and a lot of strikes still meet at this point.
Alone on the metro late at night…

We then went to a couple other bars along the street before catching the Metro back home and finishing some wine Jess still had.

Saturday I slept in pretty late and just studied all day for Art History- my exam covererd art from the Ancient Near East (13th century BC) all the way to the Early Italian Renaissance (16th century AD) so there was a lot of material.
But I ended up going to the Marais for dinner where the Frenchies were still celebrating Gay Pride (the Parade was earlier that day). Everybody was dressed up and all the restaurants down there were decorated. It was a fun, party atmosphere!

Sunday was pretty much the same as Saturday. Studying. Back at home Alan left for his NYC 6-week film course! Misssss youuu!

Today, I took the RER (I never take it because it’s so sketchy) but it’s the quickest way to school and I had to go there to take my test…and the train was late!! Errgg so I had to get back on the metro and get off on a stop far away from school and walk. Oh and it was 98 degrees here today. I know I’ve been complaining that it’s been too cold and doesn’t feel like summer and I would gladly take 98 degrees IF France had air conditioning. So after sweating through the streets of Paris, I made it to the exam a couple minutes late but it went well.
Afterwards I headed to the SOLDES (sales) at Galeries Printemps and Galeries Lafayettes. Basically from the end of June to the end of July EVERYTHING in Paris is on sale. Literally EVERY store has a huge sale, and a lot of things are 50% off! Now this doesn’t really help at stores like Galeries Lafayettes but I’m going to hit up H&M later this week and see what’s on sale there.
Tomorrow my French class is going to a Madame Grès exposition at the Musée Bourdelle in Montparnasse. She was a fashion designer living from 1903-1993 and looking at the site, her dresses look very elegant and very pretty. She is quoted, « Je voulais être sculpteur. Pour moi, c’est la même chose de travailler le tissu ou la pierre ». “I wanted to be a sculpteur. For me, it’s the same thing whether working with cloth or stone.”
I’m sure I’ll have a lot to report on after tomorrow.


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