Madame Grès and Musée Rodin

As I mentioned in my last post, Paris was EXTREMELY hot on Monday…and on Tuesday. As part of an excursion with my French class, we went to Musée Bourdelle (Bourdelle was a sculpter and had some connection with Rodin…I think) to see the Madame Grès exposition. We took a bus which on a warm day is kinda stuffy but on a hot day, OMG so, so hot. I’m going to be honest and say I was sweating, ew (if you know me well, you’re probs not surprised). But the exposition was amazing!! Her dresses are so Haute Couture and timeless. Most of the dresses we saw could still be worn today. On top of the fantastic designs, she hand made each dress and a lot of her dresses were made with one piece of fabric and wrapped around so that you can’t see any seams. She worked all through out the war and till just about the day she died. At times, her dresses were very cutting edge and experimental but so many of them are so classic. She also had a very interesting life and a tumultuous last couple of years.
Here are some pictures from the interwebz.

Afterwards, I planned on going to the Catacombs since we were in Montparnasse and it’s supposed to be cool when you’re underground but my class and professor decided to have a drink at a nearby café and I ovbs wanted to join them. I also read in my Rick Steves book that if you’re not in line by 2:30 there’s a good chance you won’t get it anddd the line is usually at least an hour long and it was way, way too hot to stand in line!

I ended up coming back to Campuséa and discovered I had mail! Turns out, it was a letter from the post office saying they tried to deliver a package earlier…it was my Digital SLR, lovingly posted from Dallas! Despite the heat, I decided to figure out how to get to the Post Office to pick it up. It looked easy enough (and not too far) on Google maps so I set off. I ended up turning down a side/pedestrian street which I figured would put me pretty much the same road. Well it did (whew!) and I got see all these houses with gates and gardens and windows. It was a very cute street.

The Post Office was down a secluded pediastrian-circular street and as you enter, you’re greeted by a guy in a suit who directs you on which section of the room you should go to. I accidentally walked right by the guy in the suit to the package pick-up (un colis=package) and got yelled at from across the room…nah not really but I did get stopped and then pointed in the direction I was going anyways. I did get chastised for not having my passport and only my Drivers License, but they still let me have my camera (after I paid 52 euros for customs and handling fees).

Wednesday in Art History we did the High Renaissance, meaning Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Rapheal. Of course, saw the Mona Lisa (while on my tip toes, craning my head over so many heads). It was exciting to see those pieces but SUPER annoying to be in such a crowded and touristy section of the Louvre. There are so many other sections of the Louvre that are so worth seeing, people should see them! Also, I get super annoyed with people who take pictures of the paintings, (especially if they take “walk-by” pictures i.e. as they walk by the painting they take a picture and then move on to the next one) first of all, the flash ruins the pigments of the paint and I’m sure there’s a better quality photo online and you’re seeing it in person, enjoy it!
After class I went to Musée Rodin to start working on my final paper. This is such a great museum. Because a lot of his sculptures were in bronze, they are made from molds and can be replicated, so there are A LOT of sculptures (his marble pieces are brilliant) and you can see his sketches/attempts and steps to getting the final mold just right and producing a sculpture. There are also letters displayed at the moment between Rodin and Manet, which was very interesting to read. The work done by his lover/apprentice is also very, very intriguing (especially the pieces done after he left her for his wife). It was a very pleasant day and I enjoyed wandering around the gardens and I would’ve taken pics with my SLR but they were setting up some kind of event in the garden (this museum is not subsidized by the gov’t so they rely on these kinds of events to function) so there was scaffolding (l’échafaudage) everywhere. For dinner I tried Pho (vietnamese (?) soup with noodles and beef) and had a Fat Straws-like drink (ughh- I’m missing my Large Green Tea Lemonade with Bubbles!). The meal was very quick, cheap, and yummy.

Today, we went to the Baroque section of the Louvre and afterwards I had lunch with Becca and Lindsey at a café near the Louvre. I then went to Rue de Rivoli to go to H&M and Monoprix (which I never found). YAY for the Soldes!! Got such good prices on clothing items AND I finally bought perfume. I completely forgot to pack any and if you know me well, you know I love perfume and hardly go anywhere without it. I bought Givenchy Irresistable Summer.

I don’t really have anything serious planned for the weekend but I would like to go to the Catacombs, Montmartre, and hopefully start my paper.


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