Harry Potter!

My childhood was the Final Horcruxe.

That being said…the movie was so good!
We got in line around 9 30 and so I spent a couple hours sitting on the streets of Paris and enjoying crepes.
We were probs only 30 people away from the front of the line but once they let us in, we realized that the people were there all day watching the entire “saga” didn’t have to leave the theater! So we ended up seeting pretty high up.
The theater was like a theatrical theater with a screen rather than a movie theater. So it was huge!!

Getting super pumped!

So we’re waiting for the movie to start (after we FINALLY found seats) and it’s taking forever. Finally a guy comes on stage and he’s apparently the owner/manager of the theater. He’s welcoming us etc and then he mentions that he got a letter from a girl a couple months ago who is obsessed (arn’t we all?) with Harry Potter and she tried to get tickets to the Paris premier at the Bercy Theater but couldn’t get them and if some of the actors could come to our theater since they’ll be in Paris anyways. He said he was able to get some of them and he’s going to go check to see how far away they are.
So by now the entire theater is cheering. And we’re still trying to translate the French. I understood that he said the actors were coming but I really thought I had misunderstood…how could some of the actors just come to the theater??


Mr. Weasley, Flore, Tonks, Lucious Malfoy, the twins, and Luna were all there!!

They just came down the aisle and walked on stage and each said something in the microphone. We later found out that one of the twins tweeted “in Paris at the le grand rex for the opening of the movie. It’s so loud here!”
It was crazy!!!
Best Midnight Opening Ever!!

I’m so sad the movies and books are over but it could not have ended any better for those of us at this premier.

I took a lot of pictures. But they’re not great quality since we were so high up and so many people were there and taking pics.

Mr. Weasley!


The actors that were at Le Grand Rex


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