End of week 7- Sarah comes to Paris! AUP ends :(

So after Bastille day, I woke up early to pick Sarah up from the airport!

Poor Sarah, I was still recovering from the festivities probs looked such a mess at the airport. All day I was not feeling well…she was so patient with me!

Skims in Paris!

Anyways, after we freshened up, we decided we should get some lunch and go to the Eiffel Tower first. We decided to go through the Champs de Mars to get to the tower (oh, Bastille memories…or lack of memories). The line to get up to the tower was SUPER long. We had tried to book a reservation online for that day or the next day but the next open reservation was for 10 days later. So we decided we would try again the next day and just go to the Louvre.

Well due to my familiarity of the Louvre, we got in pretty quick. Saw the Mona Lisa or La Joconde of course. And a few other sites. By then, I really wasn’t feeling well so we came back and slept for a little bit. Then headed out to dinner nearby. Unfortunately, because of the holiday, a lot of restaurants were getting ready to go on vacation…Side Note: Everyone in France gets 5 weeks of paid vacay time so they typically go during the summer and during the months of July and August. They’re called July-ers and August-ers. But I particularly noticed that restaurants closed for Bastille day and said they wouldn’t be open till Aug 10 or whatever date.
So we ate at Subway. And had a quiet night in.

We woke up at a good hour on Saturday, went on the Bateaux Mouches, then went shopping at Galeries Lafayettes (we heard the Eiffel Tower is less crowded after 5…bhahah). Oh, Galeries Lafayettes, Je t’adore. Made a few purchases. Had a small lunch. Bought some fancy macaroons (olive oil and vanilla, aspargus and something?, violet…). Then to the Eiffel Tower.

We went to the tower through the Trocadero, which is supposed to be the best view of the tower. It is pretty spectacular.

View from the Trocadero

By now though, it had really started raining and it was freezing!! I bought a touristy “I ❤ Paris" sweatshirt cause I was freezing and we joined the line to get tickets. And we waited. And waited. And waited. Finally we were getting towards the front and oh no! The screen said the very top level was closed!! So that was disappointing but the second level is still a good view. But we when we went to get our tickets, the summit was open again! YAY! We headed up.
Well I've been to the top before and I know the view is amazing, but because of the fog and rain and general cold, unpleasantness…it was not incredible. I think Sarah still enjoyed it and we each had a macaroon at the very top.

At night, we met up with my friends in the Latin Quarter at a bar called the Latin Corner to celebrate my friend Galit's 22nd birthday! The slogan for the bar is "A sexy bar for a crazy night!" So I'll leave you with those words on that bar. It was quite an experience. And definately a good place for a girls night out!
Afterwards, we went to a smaller bar called Privilage Paris (I think?) which was a lot of fun and had good dancing. The night was a lot of fun and the perfect last saturday night a lot of my friends!

Sunday, Sarah and I woke up early to get crepes before she had to go back to the airport. We went all the way to Montparnasse (where I took Jake for crepes) but everywhere was closed! It was 10 AM on a Sunday in France, but still. We ended up at a cafe with not that great crepes but friendly enough people. After Sarah left, I took a long nap and did some homework.

Monday was my last Art History class 😦 I'll miss my museum buddies! It was at the Pompidou which I think is one of my favorite museums. I'm excited to go back. I also got sick on Monday. And of course when I get sick, I get deathly ill, so I didn't go to my last French class and instead had to telephone in and give my presentation via phone (thank goodness we had most of it done before Monday). By Wednesday I was much better and I took my Art History exam (without studying much) and met my parents!! (who came with antibiotics…un miracle drogue)

Today we went to the Champagne region to the Moet and Chandon cave. It was quite interesting. Not as eventful as my last trip to the region but fun with the parentals. We tried the rose and brut 2002 vintage Champagnes. Apparently, they only make vintage champagne if the grapes that year are exceptionnal and then they only use those grapes to make that wine and they age it an extra 5 years. We of course had to stop by Reims Cathedral on the way back to Paris.

Johnson fam, double fisting vintage Champagne

I just finished packing up my clothes from studio apartment in Campusea. My last night here. So sad. All of my friends leave tomorrow. So so sad. I had such a great time with them and could not have asked for a better group of people with whom to share this adventure. C’etait incroyable.

This evening Grams and Grandad came! I’m looking forward to weekend with them!


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